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Customer Reviews:

"I thought it was great. It made me laugh out loud a couple of times and almost tear up a couple of times as well. I learned some nursing history and was reminded why I became a nurse in the first place." Melissa Miller, Clearfield, PA

"A great and fun way to review the history of nursing. The three age levels made the video applicable to every practicing nurse out there and easy to relate to. I loved the songs in between that tied everything together. I wish we could have watched this while I was attending school learning about the history of nursing! " 
Lynn O'Conner, New Castle, PA

"Very well done. Should be part of every nursing curriculum."  Elizabeth Soroka RN, MSN, MPM  Pittsburgh, PA

"Wonderful program and great to go over history of nursing again in such a great way!!"
Kathleen Sokol RN, CSN, McKees Rocks, PA

"Very informative, very enjoyable" Carole Mahoney, Coraopolis, PA

"Excellent way to teach this subject!!!" Theresa Shurr RN, CMSRN, Reading, PA

“BRILLIANT AND INSPIRING”  Nancy Lolli RN, Pittsburgh, PA

“I loved the play and hope y'all will get a chance to perform it again soon.” Dr. Beth H. Hensley Professor, SRMC School of Nursing, Petersburg, VA